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Rolson Music & Sound is a family-run business providing sound system services, lighting, and now a mobile stage. Based in Los Osos, with 30yrs in the music business in our area prior to starting RMS in 2001, we have earned a reputation for dependable professional-level sound reinforcement for local concerts, car shows, graduations, conferences, weddings and receptions, banquets, auctions, political functions, law enforcement field days, Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies, and many other events.

Rolson Music & Sound is proud to announce an exciting new addition to our sound system business. We have just purchased a new StageMobile mobile stage! This is a beautifully constructed all-aluminum 16x20ft stage, available with a full set of guardrails, 2 sets of stairs, and skirting. It is, in fact, the same stage that has been used the past several years for the popular summer Concerts in the Plaza series in the San Luis Obispo Mission Plaza, and is perfect for a variety of functions.

Please call us at 805-528-3223 for prices and availability.




RMS Sound Systems

Mixers  –     Small System uses a 16 channel
Allen & Heath MixWizard 3
Large System uses a 32 channel Midas Venice 4 monitor mixes available with either system
Processing  – Ashly Protea Digital EQ and Crossover 6 channels of Klark Teknik compressors 4 channels of Klark Teknik gates TC Electronic M1 reverb TC Electronic D2 delay
Amps  – 3-Way/Tri-amp system w/Chevin Research amplifiers (9,300 watts)
Speakers – Small System uses (2 to 4) JBL SR4722X (single 12” + 1” HF) Large System uses (2) JBL SR4732X (dual 12” + 2” HF + tweeter) Both systems available with (2 to 4) JBL SR4718X  (single 18”) subs
Monitors  – JBL SR4202X (single 12” + HF) –
(total of 11 available)
Mics  – Over 60 wired microphones available, including Shure, Audix, Sennheiser, Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer,
and Countrymen
Wireless – (4) Top-of-the-Line Shure UHF-R w/SM87 heads (KSM9 avail)
(2) Samson UHF, one w/Sennheiser head; one w/SM87 and belt pack transmitters for lavaliers and/or headset mics
 DI’s  – (4) Countrymen Type 85 active DI’s
(2) Whirlwind IMP2 passive DI’s
(1)EWI Stereo passive DI


CD and Tape Players/Recorders

Honda 3000 watt and 1000 watt generators, 100 amp Motion Labs power distro w/100ft feeder cable, AC cables and quad boxes, 150ft snake, 100ft snake, 6 & 12ch sub-snakes, mic cords, patch cables, extra mixers, amplifiers, speakers, (2) 13ft crank-up stands, (15) speaker stands, (26) mic stands, music stands, scissor stands, carpets, etc.

Lighting  – (2) stands of (4) ETA Source Four’s on Elation Pro-Bar Dimmers Leprecon LP612 lighting controller Resources for additional lighting and lighting engineer available
Hammond B3/Leslie and Roland XV-88 Digital Piano/Synthesizer rentals
Stage  – 16 x 20ft all-aluminum Mobile Stage w/full guardrails, (2) stairs, & skirting!





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